Be part of The Coming Back Out Ball Movie outreach campaign by contributing to our Australian-wide community screening initiative. Your donation via the Documentary Australia Foundation will allow us to organise event screenings and take our film to hard to reach audiences across Australia and the world.

"In the bush, the acceptance of GLBTI people is

a long, long way behind." (Trace)



We believe The Coming Back Out Ball Movie has the ability to highlight many important issues experienced by the aging LGBTIQ+ community in Australia and across the world.


The extraordinary people featured in our film give us raw insight into the challenges of ageing and what it is like to finally feel accepted after decades of social and cultural isolation. Bursting with humour and personal wisdom, each characters personal testimony offers us an opportunity for deeper conversation around the need for diversity in the aged care system and the importance of identity and belonging at all stages of life.


If you would like to make a tax deductible donation via Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) to help us bring the film to wider audiences, we are able to give you a tax deductible receipt for any donation over $2. Every single dollar will help!


"By giving to social change documentaries, your philanthropy can become more effective and the impact of your giving more measurable and sustainable. You will see the effects of your philanthropy spread far beyond your initial act of giving, as the documentaries you help fund go on to produce tangible, positive and long-lasting social outcomes." (Documentary Australia Foundation)


"When a person has been suppressed... there comes a time when that person breaks out!" (David)



8 ways you can help us make a difference

  1. Go to the cinema to watch the film with your friends.

  2. Talk about the film on social media, where it's screening, share our trailer and let people know why this film really matters!

  3. Talk about the issues raised in our film with those around you to nurture compassion, acceptance, equality and love within our global communities.

  4. Host a screening in your own community, organisation or network, using our host a screening package.

  5. Buy a screening license and use our film to fundraise for a like-minded cause to create grassroots change.

  6. Donate to our social impact campaign via Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) to enable us to launch an Australian-wide community tour and ensure the messages within The Coming Back Out Ball Movie are shared.

  7. Create an “On Demand” event to bring the film to a cinema near you. This is helpful for anyone living outside major cities where the film may not screen through traditional distribution platforms. All you need is 50 people willing to buy a ticket to the screening for the event to go ahead. This option will be available in mid 2019.

  8. Lobby your local Member of Parliament and leaders in the aged care sector about the risks to LGBTIQ+ elderly in aged care, the types of reforms that are needed and why ageing with dignity is a basic human right.

Other great projects to support


There are many amazing projects that support the LGBTIQ+ community both in Australia and across the world. Here are some of the projects we love.


The Coming Back Out Ball

All The Queens Men

LGBTQI+ Elders Dance Club

Val's Cafe

Victorian Seniors Festival

Life View


Igniting Change


Wear It Purple

Gayby Baby

Fancy Films

Victorian Pride Centre

God Loves Uganda

Silvia Rivera Law Project


Queer Screen

Important organisations to support

Thorne Harbour Health

Transgender Victoria

Intersex Human Rights Australia

Kaleidoscope Human Rights Foundation

Safe Schools Coalition

National LGBTI Health Alliance


Living Proud

Diverse Voices


Mighty Serious

Australian Human Rights Commission

Amnesty International


…..and if you need help


Thorne Harbour Health


"I just decided i wasn't going to die a

shrivelled up old prune" (Nance)

"Social isolation is a word we all use, but until you're living it, you can't imagine the impact that has on your health" (Lizzie)

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